A Lighter Side of Africa

Paintings by Michael J. Allard

A large, full colour "Coffee Table" Art book with 52 full-page plates of Michael J. Allard's renowned paintings along with his often humorous thoughts on each of his works.

With an illustrated biography and interesting background information on the people and wildlife in Michael's paintings, this book is a light hearted and inspiring read for the many who have Africa in their hearts as well as those who have never visited the bush with its wonderful variety of animals.

A Lighter Side of Africa costs £25.00 + P&P, or £38.50 (US $62.00) Airmail anywhere in the world.

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The Big Sweat, 2008. The twins lived in the compound, and I knew I had to paint them at some stage. Having sheep on the farm as well as chickens, I thought I had to include sheep twins to make up the painting. I guess sweat is the main theme here - a great excuse to paint sweat. The beats are done by using a darker shade of skin colour applied with a tiny brush - rewarding, but difficult not to overdo it!

For the hundreds of thousands of years that man has walked our planet he has felt the desire to express himself through art. From the rock paintings of animals that prehistoric man saw to the brightly coloured glimpses of life that inspire our impressionists, the need for artists to express themselves is a common theme.

Occasionally there is born an artist that stands out, perhaps through raw talent, perhaps through an ability to capture a fleeting moment that is lost in the blink of an eye, or perhaps, as in the case of Michael “Mick” Allard, through humour.

Born with a mischievous glint in his eye and an enviable sense of creativity that has been honed by a varied and colourful life both in Europe and Africa, Mick has achieved great success as a talented and highly proficient artist. What makes him different, and the object of much respect by his ardent fans, is the humour that is woven into so much of his work.

His paintings have been sold throughout the world. They rarely, if ever appear on the open market; proud owners covet their ‘Allards’ and would not part with them for a kings ransom. Here then, in “A Lighter Side of Africa” is an opportunity to share the enthusiasm for his work and to enjoy the sheer zest for life that is Michael J. Allard.

Rhino Hoopla, 1999. I suppose another title for this painting could be “What else can a rhino horn be used for?”… Of course this could never actually happen, but the idea was to produce a painting that looked not only as though it was feasible, but also that the rhino was joining in the fun! I also enjoyed painting the rainstorm in the background which virtually obscures the distant mountains.